Aluminium is the base material used in all
SUPEERO products.

Settle for nothing less than the highest quality. The high-quality Cantilever System and the unique RVS-Composite Frame System are manufactured with the utmost care using only hard-anodised aluminium. Alternatively, you can order our aluminium products in an untreated state. If you choose this option, extremely durable powder coatings are available to you in a wide range of colours.

The h-profile
The RVS kit

The RVS profiles

The SL Carrier Profiles

This high-value material makes SUPEERO products corrosion-resistant. Not even corrosive salt water can lay a glove on them. The material is self-cleaning and has similar characteristics to the well-known Lotus Effect. Water bounces right off the surface and any traces of dirt can be wiped off with ease. The Cantilever Systems are scratch-resistant on account of the high-strength, hard-anodised aluminium. There are even benefits for the environment - since it’s impossible for rust to form, there is no risk of rust trickling into the groundwater.

Everything stays clean, easy to maintain, retains its value and always looks as good as new. Compared to steel, aluminium is considerably lighter to carry and work with, making it easier to transport, install and move.