SUPEERO entrance gates are three times as safe:
Safe functionality, safe operation, and safe against break-ins

The SUPEERO functional safety

All of our materials are machined using the highest level of workmanship and are put through their paces, since safety is our highest priority. SUPEERO Cantilever Systems provide the stable basis for optimally functioning gates, and they guarantee preservation of the value of our entrance gates. Thanks to the high-quality materials, everything stays like new and moves in the best way possible.

The SUPEERO operation safety

SUPEERO protects people and objects especially well. Thanks to the integrated, automatic obstacle detection, becoming trapped is impossible, and injuries to people and damage to property are therefore ruled out. All entrance gates from SUPEERO are CE-compatible and fulfil all legal regulations as per DIN EN 13241-1.

The SUPEERO safety for your home

SUPEERO entrance gates protect your home effectively against unwanted attention and invaders, prevent your driveway from being blocked, and they provide a privacy screen. The integrated break-in protection prevents the gate from being opened without authorisation, and the optionally integrated lighting provides even more security. All SUPEERO gate fillings are extremely resilient and secure against vandalism and break-in.

Our laminated safety glass is extremely safe and robust. It provides comprehensive protection against intrusion, vandalism, the impact of stones and balls and consists of at least two glass panes that are laminated with a tear-resistant polyvinyl butyral (PVB) film. If the glass breaks, the glass splinters remain stuck to the film, thus minimising the risk of injury.